What is the Delivery Time?

This depends on the amount of requests we have, but we try to deliver within 14 days.

In what form will I receive the final product?

We will send you a digital version of your anime character to your email address. It will be a png file with a transparent background, so you will be able to place your character in front of digital graphics or photos.

Are there restrictions for what I can use my anime character?

No, you can use it for whatever you want without restrictions.

Where do I send my picture?

After completing your order in our shop, please send us your picture to info@anime-character.com. Please use the same email adress you gave us when you ordered or tell us the name you gave us when you ordered, so we know which picture belongs to which order. And please only send us a photo after you made an order in our shop.

What kind of photo should I send?

Make sure that the pose and clothing are the way you want your anime character to be. Make sure that no parts of your head is cut off. And it is important that eye and hair colors are clearly visible.

Will you publish my photo on your website?

We will never publish the photo that you send us or use it for anything else besides as reference while drawing your character. However, we will keep the right to use the anime character drawn by us for marketing purposes and as reference on our social media platforms.

What if I'm not happy with the finished product?

Our artist will do their best to create a high-quality drawing for you. However, if you really don’t like how your character turned out, contact us and we’ll see if some changes can be made.

And something else:

We will not draw any nudes or pornographic material.

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